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图书馆 & 研究

Note to assistive technology users: the list below starting with "发现" after the "图书馆开放时间" link is a clickable group of tabs. You can access the option you want in the same way you would activate a link.

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发现: Search multiple databases for scholarly journal & magazine articles, 电子书, videos, more

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Search magazine, newspaper, journal articles 和更多的...

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找到书 & videos at OPE电子竞技官网 and Omaha Public 图书馆

search the catalog     |     目录的帮助     |     要求的材料

Search 电子书 from EBSCO

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访问 流媒体视频 available from Academic Video Online, 数字剧院+, Docuseek, 点播电影, Kanopy, Swank Digital Campus, 和更多的.

访问 audiobooks from 无限的. Listen to them in your web browser or 下载应用程序 for offline access. 另请参阅 Find your 图书馆 on the 无限的 Mobile App.

使用 全文search to find magazines, newspapers, or journals by title or browse by subject. 一个简短的 视频教程 是可用的.

Additional online titles are available via Electronic Journals Service (EJS).

使用 Periodical Holdings List to find print copies by title or browse by discipline.